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At Seven Media we have years of experience in elearning. Using state of the art techniques that helps reduce costs, we work with our clients to create a visually engaging and easy to use product that promotes effective learning amongst its targeted audience.

One of the most important and crucial aspects in elearning development and design is interactivity keeping the end user in mind. A well structured and visually appealing elearning course will keep the end user engaged and entertained. Our vast experience had made us realize that informative text and content isn't always enough if you aren't able to get the users attention. Our talented and skilled design and animation teams ensure enhanced user interactivity with the effective usage of animations, video and software simulations.

Another important aspect of elearning development is ease of navigation through the courseware. The targeted user must be able to advance to the next page when appropriate, go back if necessary, find a help menu if any problems arise, and understand where each page fits in the course. We ensure that all our elearning projects have a well structured and easy to use navigation facilitated with a crisp layout having easily readable text and high quality graphics.

We maintain close client involvement all through the development production cycle from requirements analysis, target audience, design structure, project prototyping and final development as well as through our rigorous quality and user acceptance testing. Our in-house management and design teams ensure that you are kept informed of the development progress throughout the project's lifecycle.

Through our elearning solutions we help your organization:

* Train your staff using state of the art courseware
* Enhance employee performance and career advancement allowing them to achieve their targeted goals
* Convert critical training programs into engaging adult learning opportunities
* Enhance the user experience through user friendly and time saving content management options

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